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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Deport Nikki Haley

That is the headline on today's WSJ editorial:
Deport Nikki Haley
She fails the new right litmus test against any immigration. ...

The attacks on Ms. Haley show that many on the right these days oppose any immigrants, even those who arrive legally. They also want to make opposition to immigration a GOP litmus test.
The comments are mostly against Haley, such as:
Did any Republican listen to Gov Haley's speech? Gov. Haley was focused on destroying Republicans rather than attacking the real problem: the Democratic Party. ...

If your headline is serious, I'm all for it. ...

We have immigration problems WAY beyond illegal immigration. 3rd world LEGAL chain migration, ushered in via Kennedy's 1965 immigration act, needs to be scrapped. Illegals just make a bad system worse.
The problem with Haley's speech is that it was supposed to be the Republican rebuttal to Pres. Obama. But she ignored Obama's speech, and attacked Donald Trump and Ted Cruz instead.

This is further proof that the Republican establishment is owned by business interests that are selling out the American people. The WSJ is pro-immigration so big business can get cheap labor.

Watch Donald Trump read these lyrics, from Al Wilson's The Snake.

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