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Friday, January 29, 2016

Derbyshire explains Trump's appeal

John Derbyshire used to write for National Review magazine, but now they are split over Donald Trump, immigration, and other issues. His latest podcast tries to explain to National Review why many conservatives like Trump:
Gut conservatives are left clutching at straws. They — we — are ready to rally to anyone who shows, in how unsatisfactory soever a way, some glimmer of understanding about what concerns us. We don't want millions of unassimilable foreigners pouring into our country. We don't want our young people sent off to fight half-hearted wars our leaders have no real desire to win. We don't much care if Russia or China throw their weight around in their own spheres of influence. We don't want to see our nation's leaders apologize to anyone, for anything.

We have no confidence in the Republican Party as a vehicle for our concerns. Who then are we to vote for? In 2012 a great many of us didn't bother to vote at all. That's how Barack Obama got his second term. We didn't think Romney would have made much difference.

We think Donald Trump will make a difference. That's the difference.

If you still don't get it, go read the comment thread on the National Review website. Random sample, quote:
Been lied to too many times. If the nominee isn't Trump or Cruz I'll vote for the Democrat. Trump might screw us over but the establishment candidate will for sure. I've come to realize that the establishment Republicans are a greater enemy to me than any communist democrat. I'll cut off my arm before I ever vote for you c***-*****rs again.

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