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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

France Closes Borders; Why Can’t We?

The November 13 massacre of 130 people at a soccer game, a concert, and five restaurants in Paris was apparently committed by 8 men working on behalf of ISIS. The day before the attacks, President Obama was on television reassuring us that “ISIS continues to shrink in its scope of operations” and that “we have contained them.”

Based on a passport found next to his body, one of the 8 Paris terrorists was part of the huge army of migrants flooding into Europe this year claiming to be refugees from the civil war in Syria. Shortly after the coordinated attacks, France’s socialist president announced his decision to close the borders of France. “We must ensure that no one enters to commit any crimes, and also that those who have committed crimes can be arrested if they try to leave the country.”

Close the border – what a great idea! Unfortunately, France eliminated most border checkpoints as part of Europe’s Schengen agreement, which is how a Syrian so-called refugee got all the way from Serbia to Paris without being stopped. Some say stricter border controls can’t prevent “homegrown” terrorists such as the Paris perpetrators who were native-born European citizens. But in virtually every case, so-called “homegrown” terrorists are sons of Muslim immigrants who are drawn to Muslim objectives and don’t assimilate to Western values.

The Tsarnaev brothers, who bombed our Boston Marathon in 2013, grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts in a family of ethnic Chechens who came here in 2002 as so-called refugees from Dagestan, but they frequently visited their home country. At least 22 young Somali men who grew up in Minneapolis have left to train or fight with terrorist groups in Africa. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who killed four Marines and a sailor at U.S. military recruiting offices in Chattanooga in July, grew up in a family of Palestinians who came here as refugees.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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