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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton badmouths men

Hillary Clinton continue to campaign based on identity politics. She appeals to demographic groups based on their resentment of other groups. She posted 7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela. That is the Spanish word for grandmother, or old woman. She says that she wants el respeto (respect) for women, and has just one Spanish word for Donald Trump, and that he should "stop cherishing women".

She has started apologizing for white privilege, in order to appease non-white voters.

Now she has even starting badmouthing men:
A female president would be more attuned to the issues facing America's families than a male president, Hillary Clinton argued in a new interview released Thursday.

"My life experiences, what I care about, what I’ve been through just make me perhaps more aware of and responsive to a lot of the family issues that people are struggling with, whether it’s affording child care or looking to get their incomes up because everything is increasing in cost," Clinton told Time. ...

When asked if she thinks she would govern differently than a male president, Clinton said "I do," noting a different emphasis on issues and certain character traits.

"There are some areas where our own life experiences really prepare us to be more receptive. I do think there is something in the governing or organizing approach," she said.

"I just think women in general are better listeners, are more collegial, more open to new ideas and how to make things work in a way that looks for win-win outcomes."
Has she ever made anything work? She has a record of making a mess of everything she has been involved in.

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