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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hispanic Americans Oppose Illegal Immigrants

Republican presidential candidates have all been forced into the immigration debate thanks to Ann Coulter’s columns and Donald Trump’s comments. Democrats and Establishment Republicans are attacking anyone who takes a stand against the left-leaning “Path to Citizenship.” High-dollar political consultants keep telling candidates that they should pander to illegals, or they will risk losing the Hispanic vote. What these consultants do not understand is that even the majority of Hispanic voters realize that a pathway to citizenship is not in the best interest of America and will not solve the immigration problem. A poll conducted by McKeon and Associates of registered Hispanic voters found that 62 percent believe that a path to citizenship would not benefit America.

Hispanic voters understand that giving citizenship to illegal aliens will not be good for them or for Americans. Of the Hispanics in this poll who opposed a path to citizenship, 33% said that it was because of the bad effect it would have on the economy. Others said that it would overburden public schools and 10% said that it would create a public safety issue. Remember – all of these reasons were given by Hispanic voters. Presidential candidates should understand that Hispanic voters know that amnesty is bad for them and for all Americans.

Illegal immigrants take American jobs and use lots of public services such as schools and welfare handouts. Many illegal immigrants do not speak English and therefore cannot communicate well enough to be productive citizens of this country. Some illegal immigrants are dangerous felons who are a serious threat to the safety of American citizens. Any candidate who really wants to win the Hispanic vote will form an immigration policy that demands that illegals be sent back to their home countries and that measures be taken to secure America’s southern border. America should be a safe place for all American citizens and residents, including Hispanics.

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