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Monday, January 18, 2016

PC Police On Campus

America’s largest public university system has decided to jump on the political correctness bandwagon. The State University of New York has unveiled a plan to use taxpayer money to pay for a big diversity and inclusiveness agenda, including hiring a “chief diversity officer” at all 64 university campuses. These diversity officers will impose mandatory “cultural competency training” on all staff members and track how many minority students are on each campus. If a diversity officer decides that a campus is not “diverse enough,” the university’s solution will be to hire more diversity bureaucrats.

Universities and colleges all over America have set up vast networks of diversity bureaucrats to enforce political-correctness standards on their campuses. These bureaucracies tell teachers what they can and cannot say, what history they can and cannot teach, and what opinions they are and are not allowed to have. All these rules and regulations restricting free speech is just to make sure that no one accidentally hurts a student’s feelings by saying something that might not be politically correct. These bureaucracies also make sure that admissions officers favor minority students. Diversity officers make it their job to create a system where students are not judged based on academic achievement, but on whether or not they fall into certain protected groups.

This political correctness campaign on college campuses has got to stop. The purpose of higher education is to academically equip students for the workforce with a quality education, not to indoctrinate them to be agents of diversity. Those bureaucracies serve no valid purpose and only raise tuition for all students. Tuition money should be used for things that will actually educate the students, like hiring good professors.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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