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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Republican elites hate Cruz more than Trump

Election statistician Nate Silver had previous announced that it was virtually impossible for Donald Trump to get the Republican nomination. Now he has changed his story, and he says that he is less skeptical:
But the reason I’ve been especially skeptical about Trump for most of the election cycle isn’t listed above. ... Instead, I was skeptical because I assumed that influential Republicans would do almost anything they could to prevent him from being nominated. ...

But so far, the party isn’t doing much to stop Trump. Instead, it’s making such an effort against Cruz. Consider:

The governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, said he wanted Cruz defeated.
Bob Dole warned of “cataclysmic” losses if Cruz was the nominee, and said Trump would fare better.
Mitch McConnell and other Republicans senators have been decidedly unhelpful to Cruz when discussing his constitutional eligibility to be president.
An anti-Cruz PAC has formed, with plans to run advertisements in Iowa. (By contrast, no PAC advertising has run against Trump so far in January.)

You can find lots of other examples like these. It’s the type of coordinated, multifront action that seems right out of the “The Party Decides.” If, like me, you expected something like this to happen to Trump instead of Cruz, you have to revisit your assumptions. Thus, I’m now much less skeptical of Trump’s chances of becoming the nominee.


Anonymous said...

You said so far in Jan. no attacks on Trump. WOW HOW HAVE YOU missed so many? One thing is the constant talk-radio show hosts attacking Trump. Another is the many attacks by TV show hosts on Fox and other networks. Also by running for office he has lost millions$$$ and been a subject of being banned from travel to England. He has had things put online by someone?? saying things to stir up problems against him. There is so many things since the beginning of his announcement I can not put it all in. Also in Phoenix, AZ the mayor did not even want to rent him a hall for a rally.

Roger said...

Silver said that the PARTY is not doing much to stop Trump. But yes, Silver is twisting things to cover up for his own under-estimation of Trump's chances.

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