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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Education Issue In 2016

A lot of important issues have surfaced as we prepare for the 2016 election. Immigration, public schools, and national defense are all examples of important issues that have taken a well-deserved spotlight on the campaign trail. However, it is very important that candidates and voters not forget about another important issue that is of great interest to all Americans: Common Core. Common Core has not become a big issue largely because it has not been in the news. When Common Core’s ridiculous standardized testing was going on in the Spring, many concerned parents rose up in opposition to these inferior standards and intrusive questions, and parents led initiatives against Common Core in their states. However, by the time the presidential race began in the summer, the news focus shifted to the disputes on college campuses and there hasn’t been much news coverage on the problems of elementary and secondary education.

Voters should not be fooled into thinking that education and Common Core are not big issues that deserve attention. Education is the issue that will determine how America competes on the world stage in the future. We need a president and Congress who will get our education system back on track. With so many candidates in the field, we hope some candidates will distinguish themselves from the pack by calling for eliminating Common Core and restoring local control of curriculum with parental input. Education is the issue that will determine the future of America’s young people. Common Core standards will not equip students with the knowledge they need to compete in a global market.

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