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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trump will win in a landslide

Cartoonist Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic, predicts Donald Trump winning over 65% of the vote in the general election.

He is just a cartoonist, and not a political pundit, and probably not even a Republican. But the pundits have nearly all been consistently wrong about Trump, while Adams has been predicting a Trump landslide win for 6 months, and consistently predicting how Trump's strategy would succeed.

He explains:
If you knew nothing of Trump’s history, and your first exposure to him involved hearing his incendiary remarks about people who are coincidentally brown, that has to raise all kinds of alarms. And it should.

But over time, citizens will see that Trump’s policy statements consistently favor American citizens over non-citizens. That’s his pattern. It is also the job description of the President of the United States.

And obviously he favors the people he sees as helpful versus the people who are attacking him. And being the capitalist that he is, I assume he prefers people who work hard over those who do not. But that is all normal stuff.

Over time, more people will learn that Trump always makes a huge first ask in any negotiation, so he can control the conversation and protect his flexibility to negotiate. Most voters are still not aware of this pattern. And if you don’t know his pattern, it looks insane.

My hypothesis is that the more you know of Trump’s history, the less you worry about his empathy, because his patterns of behavior are consistent to the point of ridiculous. And in those patterns, over a history that stretch for decades, there are curiously few – if any – red flags.
By contrast, Hillary Clinton's main message is a vote for her is some sort of feminist statement that men are not good enough to be President. If Adams is right, millions of Reagan Democrats will vote for Trump over Clinton.

You wonder how Germany could be sold out by Angela Merkel? Because German political leaders fail to favor citizens over non-citizens.

Adams is right. Trump matches the job description. Hillary Clinton does not. By November, that should be painfully obvious to everyone.

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