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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Warnings About Radical Muslim Immigrants

As more and more shootings take place across our nation, conservative leaders are becoming vocal about the very real link between legal Islamic immigrants from hostile Middle Eastern countries and despicable acts of domestic terrorism. Former Representative Michele Bachmann has been an outspoken voice warning against our loose immigration policies. She warned that “Terrorism is real, barbaric and will continue on American soil until the U.S. determines to get serious about prevention. Across the world, wherever Muslim immigration has been allowed, a connection to terrorism has flourished also.” Unfortunately, her warning fell mostly on deaf ears.

Her voice is not the only one sounding off on this issue. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama also issued a warning. In his statement, he cites the Citizen and Immigration Council that “Our government cannot effectively track these foreign visitors and immigrants.” Senator Sessions also supplied a list of 21 terrorist attacks or foiled attacks that legal Muslim immigrants perpetrated on American soil. The list included the Boston Marathon Bombers, six Somali-American immigrants who tried to join ISIS, the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooter, and many others.

Despite an obvious link between Islam and terrorism, President Obama seems determined to turn every talk about mass shootings into an argument for gun control. This is an attempt to promote the leftwing anti-gun agenda. Logic and common sense have nothing to do with it. It’s time that we heeded the words of former Representative Bachmann, who pointed out that “No one has a right to immigrate to America. It is our choice as to who we allow to gain entrance to our great land.” Only by stopping immigration from dangerous Middle Eastern countries can we hope to see an end to these attacks on American citizens.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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