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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why the Left supports Hillary Clinton

Leftist NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof writes:
FOR most of her career, Hillary Clinton suffered for being a feminist. ...

Another Gallup survey found that what people liked most about a Clinton candidacy was her gender. Her chromosomes are, at least for Democrats, her biggest selling point.

Conversely, maybe it’s also a sign of progress that young women aren’t particularly inclined to support Clinton: They’re less likely to see their space defined by glass ceilings.

Already women are reshaping the public debate in healthy ways. To me, one sign came when President Obama suggested recently that there should not be a tax on tampons. ...

When a woman is grilling the president about his policy on tampons, that’s a sign that women are increasingly a part of the conversation.
So no one likes Hillary Clinton, and Democrats only support her because she is a woman and will cause public discussion about the sales tax on tampons.
So today Hillary Clinton is scolded for turning on and helping to stigmatize the women who accused her husband of misconduct, which oddly means that she may pay more of a price for his misbehavior than he ever did.
Not so odd. She has based her campaign on the feminist ideology that female complaints must always be validated. And that is certainly not what she did when female complaints threatened her career.

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