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Friday, February 26, 2016

Girls’ Injury Rates Are Higher than Boys’ in Same Sports

What do you think is the most dangerous sport for high school players other than football? Baseball, perhaps, because of the hardball? Or wrestling, because it is so physical? Many would be surprised to learn that the most dangerous sport for high school athletes other than football is this: girls’ soccer. Its injury rate is more than half of that of football, even though soccer players do not even strike an opposing player.

Many of the injuries to girls’ soccer players are debilitating knee problems that will plague them the rest of their lives. Injury rates for girls in high school soccer are nearly 50% higher than the injury rate for boys in the same sport.

A recent article in the medical journal Pediatrics ranks the injury rates for numerous high school sports, and the girls’ injury rates are usually higher than the boys’ injury rates for the same sport. For example, the injury rate for girls in softball is about 30% higher than for boys in baseball, despite the softer ball used by the girls. Girls have a higher rate of injury even in the safest sport of all: swimming and diving. Despite the low overall rate of injury in that sport, girls are still injured at a rate nearly 50% higher than boys. Few families realize this amid the push to put girls into competitive sports. A federal law known as Title IX is used by liberals to require colleges to play as many girls as boys in competitive sports.

But given this scientific difference between girls and boys in sports, it does not make any sense for the Obama Administration to push women into combat position in our troops. Injuries on the battlefield can result in the loss of life, not only of the person injured but also fellow troops who need every soldier to be 100%.

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