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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary Plans To Fight ISIS With “Love”

The terrorist group called ISIS is one of the biggest threats that America is facing. Republican presidential candidates have each laid out their own strategies to stop terrorism at home and abroad, including measures such as arming the Kurds, employing carpet bombing, monitoring social media, and tightening security at our national border. At a campaign rally in Iowa, Hillary Clinton laid out her own plan to deal with ISIS. She said, “We've got to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness.” Hillary is relying on meaningless rhetoric about “love and kindness” instead of coming up with a real strategy to handle this very real danger.

The reason Hillary cannot make a real strategy to defeat ISIS is because the Democrats know that their foreign policy cannot work against a serious terrorist threat. Handling the Islamic State abroad requires a strong military that is willing to completely destroy anyone who would seek the death of Americans and the American way of life. This fact simply does not fall in line with the Democrats’ approach of holding peace talks and appealing to the United Nations. Handling Islamic terrorism on our own soil requires that we tighten security at our borders to stop hostile Islamic extremists from stepping foot on American soil in the first place. This does not fit with the Democrats’ agenda for an open border and loose immigration policies.

So while Republican candidates are coming up with viable solutions and solid platforms, Hillary Clinton believes that the best way to handle radical terrorists who want to kill Americans is to embrace them with “love and kindness.” In 2016, voters will have to make many difficult decisions when choosing whom to vote for. We need a president who will take a hard stand against all forms of terrorism, both abroad and at home.

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