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Thursday, February 04, 2016

More on the Bad Budget of 2015

Not only does the new Republican-passed budget fail to stop Obama’s executive amnesty known as DACA and DAPA, which two federal courts have said are illegal, but it quadruples the controversial H-2B program, which imports low-skilled foreign workers for blue-collar jobs that millions of Americans can do. That provision violates Paul Ryan’s pledge not to push for higher immigration levels until the next president takes office. “There is a reason that GOP voters are in open rebellion,” Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said when he learned of the surreptitious intentions behind this budget.

Despite the recent massacres in Paris and San Bernardino, both of which were committed by Muslims loyal to ISIS who crossed national borders with impunity, the Omnibus continues full funding for the resettlement of Syrian refugees without additional screening. Despite the deaths of Kate Steinle and other Americans murdered by Mexicans who had previously been deported, there is still no limit on federal subsidies for sanctuary cities. The Omnibus also failed to block the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Waters of the United States rule, but it provided plenty of money which Obama can reallocate to the UN’s Green Climate Fund.

Paul Ryan’s surrender was so complete that it’s no wonder Obama sent “kudos to him.” As Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Steve Israel explained, “We ended up with a bill today that has all the good stuff in [that the Democrats want] and most of the bad stuff out. That’s the definition of victory.” Republican leaders’ failure to make use of their historic majority, to make good on their promises, supports Rush Limbaugh’s theory that Republican leaders “are willing to throw away their current base.”

Meanwhile, some excellent candidates are lining up to challenge the Republican incumbents who forgot why the voters sent them to Congress. Find one of those candidates in your area and give him or her your full support.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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