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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Republicans got bad advice on immigration

After Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, all the experts said that the Republicans must become pro-immigration in the future. Phyllis Schlafly has been saying for 3 years that this advice was wrong. Now even the NY Times admits that it was wrong:
Political pundits and Republican leaders like to say that nobody could have foreseen the extraordinary rise of Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy.

But there were early signs that the electorate was ready for an insurgency like the one Mr. Trump has inspired this election. ...

Mr. Fehrnstrom, Mr. Brown’s former consultant, called the Republican Party leaders’ redirection on immigration after the 2012 election a huge miscalculation.

“They told their candidates to support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants as a way to increase outreach to Hispanics,” said Mr. Fehrnstrom, who also advised Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race.

“And candidates who followed that advice are struggling. Donald Trump went in the opposite direction and he has total command of the 2016 field.”

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Diane Diehl said...

Appreciate your stand but conservatives must be very careful that to vote only for a candidate that has to be perfect only results in a loss for our country and party. If Mickey Mouse wins the Republican primary all of us must give our support 100%. To do otherwise would be a repeat of Romney losing due to those conservatives that had one issue they did not agree on. This is our Achilles heel. We must support the candidate no matter what our disagreement. Historically issues are always resolved through compromise as there is another party, i.e. Democrats that we have to compromise with. Anyone who does not realize this need to return to school and review your civics class.

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