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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time to Leave “No Child” Behind

After seven years of rule by decree by President Obama’s Chicago crony Arne Duncan, why did Republicans reauthorize the federal government’s authority over the nation’s public schools? And why did the new Speaker, Paul Ryan, rush a 1,059-page bill to a floor vote only two days after the text was released on November 30? Fourteen years ago, President George W. Bush was determined to enact “No Child Left Behind” to fulfill his father’s pledge to be the “education president.” In order to get that bill through a Democrat-controlled Senate, Bush let Senator Ted Kennedy write its most important provisions.

Now Congress has served up a new education law that will control public education long after Obama leaves office. The bill gives teachers unions what they want most: eliminating the link between teacher pay and student performance. No wonder the NEA launched a campaign to pass this bill.

The bill gives liberals what they wanted most: disaggregation of data, which means continuing to collect and report test scores separately for each minority group, with the stated purpose “to close educational achievement gaps” between groups. The inevitable result is that when schools fail to “close the gap,” the apparent solution will be to spend more money on the same failed programs.

Two good provisions in this education bill were stripped from the final bill. One provision would have recognized a parent’s right to opt out of state testing; the other, called “Title I portability,” would have allowed students in failing schools to transfer per-pupil federal funding to another public school. Tomorrow we will discuss more details of this conservative loss in Congress. Listen to the radio commentary here:

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