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Friday, March 11, 2016

England Shows the Mistake of Immigration

The prime minister of England, David Cameron, promised his country that he would control immigration and keep it at the “tens of thousands” level. Well, the latest immigration numbers have been released, and more than 600,000 people immigrated to the United Kingdom just last year, a shocking increase of 34% in net migration. An outcry there has resulted, even though these numbers pale in comparison with the massive influx of foreigners into the United States. Some in England are so outraged that they want to pull out of the European Union, through which so many immigrants travel.

The immigrants pouring into the United Kingdom are soaking up most of the new jobs. Three quarters of the growth in employment in the UK over the past year was grabbed by foreigners. Likewise, nearly all the new net job growth in the United States since 2000 has gone to immigrants and foreign-born workers. Overall, the percentage of our population comprised of immigrants is expected to soon reach an all-time record high.

Immigration has converted the land of Shakespeare into a nearly non-Christian nation. A quarter of the people in England and Wales have no religion at all now, and barely a majority are Christian. The same will happen to the United States if we continue to allow open borders and a massive influx of people. The enormous amount of immigration to the U.S. has contributed to a decline of Christianity, as in England. In the last seven years, the percentage of Americans who do not have any religion at all has jumped from 14.6% to nearly 20%.

We do not want to become a godless nation like North Korea, or the brutal former East Germany. To maintain our freedoms and our prosperity, which are the envy of the world, it is essential to control and limit immigration.

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