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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Kingmaker’s Plot to Steal the Nomination

The official Republican platform will be written and adopted by delegates to the national convention, most of whom are disappointed with the ineffectiveness of the Boehner-Cantor-McCarthy-Ryan Congress. As a veteran of past platform writing committees, I promise that this year’s delegates will have no use for Ryan’s open-borders ideology. Paul Ryan obviously resents the rise of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and would do everything in his power to prevent either one from winning the nomination. But can he influence the convention?

To answer that, consider a remarkable article in the Wall Street Journal by the kingmakers’ top lawyer, Ben Ginsberg. He predicts “pure chaos” if the convention opens on July 18 with no candidate holding a majority of the delegates, and he suggests possible scenarios by which the Establishment could manage a “chaotic” convention to produce a nominee acceptable to the Kingmakers. To see what could happen at a deadlocked convention, consider the Republican convention of 1880, which ran for seven days because none of the three leading candidates could reach a majority. After 34 failed ballots the convention finally turned to a “dark horse,” nominating Congressman James Garfield for president and Chester Arthur for vice president, neither of whom was even running when the convention opened.

Ben Ginsberg understands the critical importance of convention rules and credentials for overruling the grassroots in favor of the Establishment candidate. He admits that he wants to change the infamous Rule 40 which he wrote in 2012 to prevent Ron Paul from being placed in nomination. If no candidate wins on the first ballot, delegates are no longer bound to vote for their state’s primary winner and are free to support a “dark horse.” That’s how Paul Ryan could become our nominee.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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