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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Marines Reject Politically Correct Dogs

Our government has just wasted 42 million dollars trying to build a politically correct electronic dog for war, developed by the best minds in our private sector. Our Marines field-tested these hi-tech dogs and said “no thanks” to replacing real battlefield dogs. These robotic dogs are certainly scary-looking, but our tough foreign adversaries will not be easily frightened. These electronic dogs can carry an impressive amount of equipment, which is helpful on the battlefield. And no one would have to bring food and water for an electronic dog.

But the defect in these robotic dogs is that they make too much noise, which would tip off the enemy on the battlefield. These electronic dogs are louder than the noisiest garbage truck. A real war-trained dog knows how to be almost completely silent so it can accomplish its mission without alerting the enemy.

Sometimes social engineers who want to transform our military forget that in war there is an opposing side which is not trying to be politically correct, but is going all-out to win. The other side engages in every horrific act to defeat us. If it takes a 42-million-dollar project for someone in charge on our side to realize that, maybe the money was not completely wasted.

The cruelty of war has not changed history. Real war is fought by real men, real dogs, and real heroes, and the sooner we all realize that and stop trying to change it, the better off we all will be. It is a liberal myth that we can convert to a politically correct battlefield without bloodshed. We can’t win battles with a cartoon-like army based on being politically correct. We need our finest men plus man’s best friend, real, well-trained dogs.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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