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Monday, March 14, 2016

Replacing Unwanted Truth With Liberal Lies

The University of Maryland has decided that telling blatant lies is preferable to offending someone with the truth. A new poster campaign by the Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy office at the college has asked for students to stop using the term “illegal aliens.” The posters say that students should instead use the term “undocumented citizen” so that they do not inadvertently hurt the feelings of others who might not like the words illegal alien. The goal of the campaign is to start “creating conversations around language and inclusion on campus.” But illegal immigrants are by definition not citizens at all. This is a big issue because conservatives have no problem with people of any ethnicity or people group. The problem is that people come to this country with no regard for our laws and try to cheat the system by not applying for legal residency.

Political correctness is often a problem on liberal college campuses. Liberals say that they condemn the usage of certain terms and ideas because they might offend somebody. Of course, this is a bad idea because college campuses always be a place where the open exchange of ideas is encouraged to the fullest. However, this campaign at the University of Maryland is especially harmful because it not only condemns a politically-incorrect term, but replaces it with a term that is completely untrue. The phrase “illegal alien” may hurt the feelings of a few overly-sensitive students, but as the saying goes: the truth hurts.

The purpose of a university is not to protect people’s feelings. The purpose of a university is to give students accurate, useful knowledge and important skills that will help them in life. Replacing offensive truth with politically-correct lies fails the purpose of education.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Blue Voodoo said...

Couldn't add a thing to this Ms. Schlafly. Direct, truthful and to the point. Thank you for your decades of hard work.

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