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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Taxpayers Prop Up Wind Power

Wind turbines are noisy, ugly, and inefficient. Wind power cannot be stored like coal and oil. Wind farms are harmful to the environment. Transmission lines are expensive to carry wind power from places where it is windy, to places where people need the energy. One project to transmit wind power from West Texas to customers in East Texas has already cost $6.8 billion and is still not finished after seven years of construction.

Meanwhile, the cost of oil has fallen to historic low levels. Coal and natural gas are also inexpensive. But the trillion-dollar federal budget monstrosity enacted in 2015 includes an extension of tax credits for renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. That means taxpayers will continue to foot the bill for this failed approach. All the wind turbines in the entire United States could light only 19 million homes. When the wind does not blow, as on very hot or very cold days when energy demands are the greatest, wind turbines produce almost no energy.

But the latest budget deal saddled American taxpayers with this boondoggle all the way through 2019. In addition, the Obama Administration promulgated a regulation last August which forces States to reduce their emission levels from coal-fired power plants. That pushes energy companies to shift to inefficient sources such as wind. Listen to the radio commentary here:

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