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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Trump destroys the con job

A liberal Democrat philosophy professor argues that if Trump wins the nomination, he will destroy the GOP.

The argument is that for a half century, Republicans have gotten elected by making big promises to its base, but never delivering much value to the middle class. Instead they supported globalism, and the interests of rich donors. It was all a big con job, he says.

Trump is destroying this formula. The super-rich have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the formula this year, and it has been a complete failure. They do not own Trump, and he owes them nothing. The Republican voters no longer think that they need to pacify the super-rich globalists in order to beat the Democrats.

That is why Trump threatens to destroy the GOP establishment, the professor argues. I get the impression that he thinks that the Republican voters will switch to Democrats once they realize that the pre-Trump candidates have been conning them. I doubt it. They will be excited to be re-taking their party.

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