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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump is for Americans first

ComputerWorld reports:
Two former Disney IT workers spoke at a Donald Trump campaign rally on Sunday, telling about the shock of having to train their foreign replacements.

It's hard to recall any presidential campaign, in any year, that has given IT workers this type of visibility. But Trump, the businessman now seeking the Republican nomination, has made H-1B reforms a part of his platform.

Speaking at the large rally in Madison, Ala. was Dena Moore, a former Disney IT worker who trained her foreign replacement. Around 200 to 300 other Disney IT workers lost their jobs as part of an IT outsourcing shift. ...

IT workers "are afraid, they're in shock," she told the cheering crowd. "They're not coming forward because we have been taught all our lives to make do and keep going on. But you know what? This little old grandma is going to stand up for what's right.

"The fact is that Americans are losing their jobs to foreigners," said Moore. "I believe Mr. Trump is for Americans first."
Another programmer comments:
I have had to deal with being replaced by H1-b for quite a few years. I even trained my replacement too. It was just a couple of us. We got the project going and the company brought in the H1-bs to maintain it.

I never found work again. I got the BS line of "you don't have the skills" (never heard back when I asked, "what skills are those?") and usually heard nothing again. It's funny how "skills" are age and wage dependent in this profession.

And then to hear in the media that we Americans don't have the skills and that's why they need to hire H1-bs. Funny, quite a few of my classmates at my American university were some of those H1-bs.

My family looked at me differently as well as friends. I even had a family member take me aside and ask, "ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC!?"


This isn't about race. This is about American businesses exploiting very poor people. This is about gaming the system so that they can arbitrage wages and to increase the tech labor supply to suppress everyone's wages.

I don't blame the H1-bs. I'd do exactly the same thing in their shoes.

What I blame is the crony capitalist system we have where we little people get screwed and the benefits go to the top.
Every other presidential candidate has supported bringing in foreign workers for the express purpose of displacing American workers. Only Trump stands against this practice.

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