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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Which Candidate Will Parents Vouch For?

Public schools are failing to teach our kids, and more parents are starting to realize this. If a presidential candidate wants to set himself apart in 2016, he must have a strong conservative stand on education. According to a poll conducted by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, education is one of the most important issues facing America today. Voters know that education is important, and they are ready for a candidate who will reflect their values. According to the same poll, 68 percent of Republicans who identify as school parents believe that the public school system is “on the wrong track,” while only 27 percent believe that it is “on the right track.” Republican parents certainly want a President who will support positive change in how we educate our kids.

The Friedman study concluded that 63 percent of Republican and Democratic school parents favor a government voucher program. A voucher program would allow parents to send their child, along with his tax dollars, to the school they believe is the best for the child, whether the school be a private or public institution. This would give all schools a monetary incentive to avoid waste and do their very best with each and every child. The results are just as good, if not better, for Hispanic and African-American voters. 60 percent of African Americans and 74 percent of Hispanics are in favor of a voucher system.

Clearly, parents know that more government funds is not the solution for failing schools; using the funds wisely that schools already receive is the answer parents are looking for. Any presidential candidate who wants to succeed in 2016 must have a strong conservative position on education and voucher programs. That is the best solution for our schools, our nation, and, most importantly, our children.

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