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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chinese Atrocities Continue

Although Communist China has ended its one-child policy, that does not end China’s atrocities against women and children. China finally got rid of its infamous one-child policy when leaders realized that having so few children was leading to economic disaster. Unfortunately, they now have a two-child policy. Chinese women will continue to be subjected to forcible abortions and sterilization after having a second child. These procedures are done cruelly and often lead to health complications. Many women become infected and suffer from chronic pain as a result. Changing to a two-child policy will not put a stop to this. Children will still be aborted and women will still be sterilized.

These human rights violations should come as no surprise about a Communist government like China. Communists believe that women and men are not individuals with rights but simply property owned by the state. Communists will gladly deprive women of their rights to carry out a failing social experiment. Of course, countless unborn children were also deprived of their right to life as a result of the experiment. Killing unborn children is not a problem for Communists because they do not value human life.

Americans should not be fooled into thinking that the end of the one-child policy means the end of Communist China’s atrocities. The killings will still continue for third-born children. The forced sterilization will still continue for Chinese women. The first step to Communism is when citizens are asked to give up their individual rights “for the good of everyone.” Americans are blessed to live in a country where our Constitution protects our individual rights. It’s our job to keep it that way.

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Tom Forsythe said...

Europe, and American liberals, are following this insane policy, voluntarily.

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