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Friday, April 01, 2016

Common Core Backlash Grows

The grassroots backlash against Common Core is growing. In order to obtain nearly $700 million in federal funds, New York has imposed standardized tests on 8-year-olds and other students every year. Both parents and teachers loathe these tests. In 2015, nearly 240,000 students in New York boycotted these tests. Although 43 states initially adopted these national education standards, seven states have opted out, including Texas. Additional states are also considering rolling back this liberal program.

The liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has scaled back on his attempts to impose Common Core there, but fed-up parents want all of it repealed. Opponents of Common Core are even running against incumbents on the state education board and for leadership of a large teachers’ union. A million-dollar ad campaign has tried to persuade New Yorkers that the problem is not Common Core, but how it is implemented. “The Common Core rollout was a disaster,” admits the advertising campaign. But then it insists that “Governor Cuomo’s task force is doing what’s right” by supposedly fixing it with minor adjustments.

Common Core is not fixable. At a recent town hall held in a community college there, the issue of Common Core was the most frequent concern raised by irate parents and grandparents. Politicians who continue to cling to Common Core may be looking for a new job after Election Day. Jeb Bush defended his support of Common Core in Iowa and then came in sixth place in its caucuses, winning a grand total of only 1 delegate. In response to a question at the Iowa State Fair, Jeb Bush said that “the term 'Common Core' is so darn poisonous, I don't even know what it means." But parents know what Common Core means. It means your children will be unnecessarily frustrated, and you won’t be able to help them on their homework because you won’t be able to understand the assignments.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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