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Friday, April 15, 2016

Harm of Free Trade Revealed

Politicians and economists claim that so-called “free trade” is good for individuals and good for our Nation. But new research proves how harmful free trade is for American workers. In a study published this year by the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research, scholars show that so-called “free trade” with China has resulted in higher unemployment and lower wages in communities all over the United States. The report confirms what Donald Trump has been saying, that free trade with China has been a disaster for American workers whose well-paying jobs have been shipped to low-paid substitutes in China.

Politicians, economics professors and their textbooks have been teaching that workers who lose manufacturing jobs due to free trade should find new jobs in other industries that have a trade surplus, such as pharmaceutical and jet aircraft industries. Economists have also been teaching that workers who lose jobs in industries that have been hurt by free trade would find new jobs in non-tradable industries, such as medical or legal services.

But, in fact, according to new research, the effects of trade with China have been very different from the rosy scenarios taught by economics professors and their textbooks. New jobs in industries that export, or in non-tradable industries, have not been created in sufficient quantities necessary to offset the losses due to free trade.

Manufacturing jobs, which are essential to sustain a traditional family unit where the husband can support his family on a good salary, have seen a shocking decline from 39% of non-farm employment in 1944 to only 8.6% of employment in 2015. Tell your U.S. Senator to vote NO on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will send more of our good jobs overseas.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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