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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

National Security Put On ICE

The city of Princeton, New Jersey has decided to give legal advice to illegal immigrants on how to evade arrest by U.S. border officials. The city’s website now features an online brochure with pictures of menacing ICE officers in dark sunglasses chasing terrified illegals and demanding identification. It gives tips on how to avoid arrest and deportation. It instructs illegals not to tell law enforcement officials their immigration status or even talk to officers at all. It even tells illegals not to tell their name.

The brochure was put on the Princeton city website after two illegals were arrested in the Princeton area by ICE. One of the illegals had been previously convicted of drunken driving. City officials called the arrests “ really unfortunate” and said that ICE officers “cause fear and panic in the community, and they undermine the community’s effort to improve law enforcement relations.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Alvin Phillips strongly disagreed. ICE arrests are an essential part of maintaining the rule of law and Homeland Security priorities. National security, public safety, and border security are all reasons that we arrest illegal immigrants.

Phillips is right to set the record straight on U.S. arrests. Illegal immigrants who have not been properly vetted for a criminal history or terrorist ties are a potential threat to American lives. Countless cases have been reported in recent years where illegal immigrants have committed violent crimes against American citizens without fear of deportation. The city of Princeton, New Jersey should not be teaching illegals how to avoid our border control. ICE provides a valuable service to our country by enforcing our laws and protecting our citizens. Local governments have a duty to cooperate with federal law enforcement on matters of national security and public safety.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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