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Monday, May 23, 2016

Contraceptive Mandate Violates First Amendment

Obamacare is once again the topic of discussion at the Supreme Court. The issue is whether non-profit religious charities should be forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion drugs and contraceptives. A non-profit Catholic charity called Little Sisters for the Poor says that they should not be forced to provide contraceptive coverage because it would violate their sincerely-held religious beliefs. The King v. Burwell decision last year gave an exemption for closely-held private companies such as Hobby Lobby. However, the current language of Obamacare gives no such exemption for non-profit religious charities.

The contraceptive mandate in Obamacare is a clear violation of the First Amendment right of the free exercise of religion. The free exercise clause does not only mean only the right to go to whatever church you choose. “Free exercise” means that every American citizen has the right to live out their faith in their day to day life as long as they do not harm anyone else while doing so.

The Little Sisters of the Poor are right to challenge this affront to the Constitution. Our government cannot force any religious organization to believe a certain way. Government should not be able to force an organization to violate their beliefs either. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued that giving an exception to the Sisters would open the “floodgates” to other groups seeking a religious exception to Obamacare. Justice Ginsburg should know that her job is not to force as many people under Obamacare as possible. Her job is to make rulings based on the Constitution. Clearly, the Constitution protects the Little Sisters of the Poor and others from this forced subversion of their religious convictions.

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