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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Illegals Hired Instead of Americans

A new study by Harvard University shows that illegal immigrants are more likely to be hired than native-born Americans. The study showed that illegal men were 12 percent more likely to be hired by American employers in 2014. This shows how dangerous illegal immigration can be for the United States economy. These illegals are stealing jobs from American citizens and driving down wages. Immigration advocates claim that aliens only do jobs that Americans refuse to do. That is simply not true. The issue is not that American workers will not do the jobs. The issue is that employers are not paying sufficient wages. Employers can get away with this because illegals are willing to do the jobs for less pay than the average American worker.

This issue shows why Americans need to be concerned about securing the border. Our nation’s economic security depends on a steady and fair labor market. Illegals cheat the system and work under the table for less pay. The reason this issue has not been addressed before is because neither Democrats nor Establishment Republicans have any reason to take a stand. Democrats want illegal immigrants because an overwhelming majority of them vote Democrat. Establishment Republicans want illegal immigrants because big business owners want cheap immigrant labor.

Thankfully, Donald Trump has made the immigration issue a central point of the 2016 presidential race. Americans should use this election cycle as an opportunity to elect someone who will stand up against the Democrats and Establishment Republicans on this issue. The Harvard study shows how important it is to solve this problem. Illegal immigrants are 12 percent more likely to be hired than Americans. A tough immigration policy will protect our economy, cut down on violent crime, and reduce the financial welfare burden on American taxpayers.

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