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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

North Carolina Protects Women

The North Carolina legislature has taken an important step to protect women and young girls from the dangerous transgender agenda. A new law was passed to stop individual cities from making their own non-discrimination policies based on gender identity and sexual orientation. The measure was passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority: 82 to 26. It was then quickly signed by Governor Pat McCrory. The law specifically targeted a city ordinance in Charlotte, North Carolina which would allow transgender individuals to use whichever restroom they want instead of the restroom for their biological gender.

Representative Dean Arp spelled out why the state legislature had to step in on this important issue. He said “It's common sense, biological men should not be in women's showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms.” Representative Arp is exactly right to voice this concern. Allowing people to chose their restroom based on whatever gender they claim at any given moment opens the door to all sorts of dangerous situations. Male sexual offenders could then legally invade the restrooms or locker rooms of women and young girls. This is a fundamental violation of privacy rights and common decency.

More states should follow the example of North Carolina and make sure that women and especially young girls are protected from this. The ongoing transgender debate shows just how far the homosexual agenda is willing to go to secure their so-called “equality.” They used to say that allowing their “equality” would not affect heterosexual people at all. That clearly is not the case anymore. Giving special legal protections to people who question their gender has destabilized one of the most fundamental distinctions among people. It is also causing many young people to be confused about themselves and their bodies. This should not be the case. We cannot allow local governments and schools to breach our fundamental right to privacy, common decency, and safety in the name of political correctness.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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