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Friday, May 20, 2016

Obamacare Wants To Shut Down Charities

The Supreme Court is hearing the fourth major case on Obama’s healthcare law. This case may be the most outrageous yet. The court will decide whether nuns should be forced to provide abortion coverage as a result of Obamacare. A non-profit organization called the Little Sisters of the Poor is at the center of this case. The mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor is to provide care for poor elderly people who are in need. Now the Obama administration wants to force them to have insurance which covers abortion drugs and contraceptives. If they do not, Obamacare will force these nuns to pay millions of dollars in fines.

Unfortunately, the Little Sisters of the Poor and the elderly people that they serve will not be the only ones affected by this decision. The court case will determine whether all religious charities with moral objections to abortion drugs will be able to continue to operate. This means that Obamacare could force countless religiously affiliated hospitals, schools, food pantries, and other organizations to conform or shut down entirely.

Religious charities and specifically Christian charities impact countless lives all over our country every day. They provide an important public service to children, the elderly, the poor, the needy, and many others. If Obamacare forces these groups to either violate their sincerely-held religious convictions or shut down, many will choose the latter. The federal government should do everything that it can to protect these charities, not bully them into closing their doors. Without Justice Scalia’s voice of reason on the court, the decision could go either way. This case highlights the importance of electing a president who will protect religious charities and allow the valuable work that they do every day in America.

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