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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quoting the 1964 book

Here are some quotes from A Choice Not An Echo, published in 1964:
The question for Republicans at their 1964 National Convention was: At this crucial point in American history, will we send in our bat boy? Or will we send in our Babe Ruth — a man who is not afraid or forbidden to take a good cut at all major issues of the day? [p.28]

He is the one Republican who will not pull his punches to please the kingmakers. He can be counted on to face the issues squarely. He will make the kind of forthright hard-hitting campaign that American voters admire. This is why he is the man the left-leaning liberals most fear. He is the only Republican who will truly offer the voters "a choice, not an echo". [p80-81]

Behind the scenes, the kingmakers prepared the publicity buildup of several candidates to replace Barry Goldwater. How can the average person spot the kingmakers' candidates? Here is a sure litmus-paper test:
1. A kingmaker candidate does not criticize other kingmaker candidates.
2. Kingmaker candidates criticize Senator Goldwater more than they criticize Lyndon Johnson.
3. Kingmaker candidates never criticize the Democratic foreign giveaway programs.
4. Kingmaker candidates never criticize the State Department or the concessions it has made to the Communist axis.
5. Kingmaker candidates hardly ever raise the issue of Communism, either foreign or domestic. [p.88]

Meanwhile the kingmakers engaged in a frantic search to dig up anybody — just anybody — to prevent Republicans from selecting their obvious candidate. [p.89]

Even after he was dropped by the kingmakers, Romney was faithful to their wishes. On June 7, he violated his long standing
rule against politicking on Sunday to announce: "I will do everything within my power to prevent him (Goldwater) from becoming the party's presidential choice." [p.89-90]
As it turned out, no Republican could have won the Presidency in 1964, but Goldwater inspired conservative Republicans for many years later.

Pat Buchanan compares Goldwater to Trump in a recent column.

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