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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brussels and the Border

The bombs that killed 35 people and injured 300 in Brussels, Belgium followed a familiar pattern. Young Muslim men born to immigrant parents were inspired by radicals to wage holy war against Western civilization. President Obama was attending a baseball game in Cuba at the time the bombs went off and did not change his plans to go on to Argentina. In a previously recorded interview published in the latest issue of The Atlantic magazine, Obama said Americans have an inordinate fear of terrorism even though we’re more likely to die from falling in the bathtub.

Ohio Governor John Kasich said on Fox News, “We cannot afford to alienate all the Muslims in the world who, by the way, are condemning this act of murder in overwhelming numbers.” That’s such a perfect example of political correctness, it’s no wonder Kasich has lost 30 out of 31 Republican primaries and caucuses. Even the New York Times, in its news report from Belgium, attributed terrorism to “poorly integrated Muslim immigrants.” We, too, have millions of “poorly integrated” immigrants, mostly from Mexico and Central America. A fear for our families safety is certainly justified.

Consider these crimes by illegal immigrants in recent weeks. In Kansas City, Kansas, Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino is accused of shooting four men inside a house there. He then crossed the state line to Missouri, where he killed a fifth man in front of the man’s wife. Pablo is an illegal from Mexico who had been previously deported in 2004. In Framingham, Massachusetts, brothers Elmer, Ariel, and Adan Diaz and their friend Marlon Josue Jarquin-Felipe are accused of gang-raping a young woman and beating her boyfriend who tried to rescue her. All four are illegals from Guatemala; two were previously deported. In South Omaha, Nebraska, Eswin Mejia is accused of street racing while drunk, causing a crash that killed 21-year-old Sarah Root. Despite being an illegal from Honduras, Mejia was released on bond with no detainer.

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