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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Illegals Make Phony ‘Bill of Rights’

The pro-amnesty group “United We Stay” released a list of ten demands they want to impose on America. They are calling it their “Bill of Rights for Undocumented Americans.” Some of the rights that they invented include the right to citizenship, free education, medical care, and even the right not to be called “illegal aliens.” This phony list of rights shows exactly how little this group knows about what rights truly are. These demands actually attack the Constitution and American rule of law.

The U.S. Constitution very clearly says that citizens of foreign countries must go through a naturalization process in order to be considered U.S. citizens. Foreigners certainly do not have an inherent right to be American citizens. Illegal immigrants also do not have the right to free education at the expense of American taxpayers. Schools are already having to spend large amounts of taxpayer dollars on translators. A report by the New York Immigration Coalition revealed that half a million students in New York City alone need translation services.

The real Bill of Rights says that Americans have the right to freedom of speech. Illegal aliens do not have a right to be called something that they are not. These people have committed a crime by coming to this country without permission. That makes them illegal under United States law. To say that they should not be called “illegal” not only violates free speech rights, it is clearly false. This “Bill of Rights of Undocumented Americans” is not a list of rights, but a wish list of the liberal immigration agenda. By coming to America illegally, these people show their disregard for the U.S. Constitution. Americans should not waste time giving in to their demands. We should focus our efforts on securing our border and deporting the illegal aliens who are already here.

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