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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Inquisition On Conservative Views

Professor John McAdams is a professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the liberal administration is trying to put a stop to that. A “diverse” faculty committee has told McAdams that he will be fired if he does not apologize for his conservative views. This whole issue came up when a student was reprimanded in philosophy class for defending traditional marriage. The teacher of the class compared the student’s views to racism. She then told the student to drop the class. McAdams stepped up to speak in the student’s defense. He wrote a scathing article on a popular campus blog criticizing the teacher and defending the student’s right to have a differing opinion. Unfortunately, the faculty committee ruled that Professor McAdams should apologize or be fired for taking a stand. McAdams called it an “Inquisition” against conservative values. He says that he will not apologize for defending the rights of a student.

McAdams is right to take a stand on this important issue. Students should be allowed to express differing views in class, even when those views are not politically correct. However, it seems to be a trend among liberals to silence anyone who does not share liberal beliefs. This is especially true at liberal universities. McAdams called this “a tactic typical among liberals now.” Liberals will no longer discuss the merits of their arguments and defend their positions. They call conservative opinions “offensive,” “discriminatory,” or “racist.” This effectively shuts down any meaningful dialogue about an issue. That sort of thing should not happen at universities. Colleges should create an atmosphere where meaningful dialogue takes place. If a student is offended by the views of another student or professor, the student should not shut down the conversation. He should research his own position and learn to defend it with logic and facts. That is what becoming a mature and intelligent thinker is. That is what our universities should strive to support, not one-sided liberal indoctrination.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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