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Monday, June 06, 2016

Obama’s Legacy Tour

President Obama quietly slipped out of the country in April for a world tour intended to enhance his “legacy” as a globalist. His first stop was Saudi Arabia to reassure King Salman of America’s continued support for that brutal absolute monarchy, where Christians are forbidden to worship openly.

Obama then went to London to socialize with members of Britain’s royal family and play a round of golf with Prime Minister Cameron. At a joint news conference with the prime minister, Obama advised the British public how to vote on “Brexit,” the June 23 referendum on whether to leave the European Union. The loss of national sovereignty is a major issue in the United Kingdom, and public opinion has forced the government to call this referendum on continued membership in the EU. Obama even published an op-ed in Britain’s Daily Telegraph suggesting that national sovereignty is merely a relic of the past that “we all cherish,” but today’s challenges of “migration, economic inequality, the threats of terrorism and climate change” all require “collective action.” That’s not true! The best way to control “migration” and “the threats of terrorism” is to restore national sovereignty! Events of the past year – from the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, to Germany being overrun by a million Muslims from the Middle East – prove the failure of “collective action” by the EU superstate.

Obama concluded his week-long foreign trip in Germany, where he praised Chancellor Angela Merkel’s disastrous mishandling of Muslim migrants, saying she’s “on the right side of history on this.” German sovereignty is now so compromised that Merkel agreed to prosecute a German comedian for reciting a poem that she said was “intentionally insulting” to the Turkish president.

Even in our country, political correctness has prevented an open discussion of how immigration is changing our culture. We need a president who restores national sovereignty and puts Americans first.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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