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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Paris Climate Agreement to Bypass Senate

President Obama obviously doesn’t believe in national sovereignty, and has used every available way to tie us down in a web of global controls and commitments. American voters have proved we want no part of that, as we are running toward presidential candidates in 2016 who promise to reverse the bipartisan “consensus” run by and for the elites. The U.S. presidential race in both parties has come down to three aspects of national sovereignty: controlling our borders, regulating trade in the interests of American workers, and avoiding foreign wars in the Middle East. On all three issues, Hillary Clinton is on the wrong side, and so are the Republican kingmakers who are trying to stop Donald Trump.

Secretary of State John Kerry was in New York to sign the global climate change agreement adopted with great fanfare in Paris. One hundred seventy-five nations sent representatives to the UN for a signing ceremony on Earth Day. Many of the 175 nations plan to submit the agreement to be ratified by their respective legislatures, but Obama has no plans to get the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate. As Senator Mike Lee says, “The only reason President Obama is not sending the Paris Climate Agreement to the Senate as a treaty is that he knows the Senate would reject it.”

Lack of ratification is not stopping Obama from implementing “pledges” to reduce the use of carbon fuels. Obama’s Clean Power Plan regulation was temporarily blocked by the Supreme Court shortly before Justice Scalia died, but a host of other costly regulations are moving forward without resistance from the Republican Congress. At the very least, Senator Lee says, Congress should block any more payments to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, to which our taxpayers have already sent $500 million.

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