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Monday, June 13, 2016

Where Did My Tuition Go?

If you are putting your son or daughter through college, you are probably wondering where all your money is going. The tuition rates keep getting higher every year, yet students seem to be learning less and less. Some recent activity at the University of South Carolina may shed light on this issue. The Student Senate passed a resolution for the university to spend 20 million more dollars to fund “diversity initiatives.” That 20 million is in addition to the 80 million that the school already spends on diversity programs. In response, the administration of USC promised a wish list of liberal diversity pushes. They promised to set up three independent diversity bureaucracies. They promised to hire new staff to manage diversity. They even offered to give out huge scholarships offered only to Mexican immigrants and Syrian refugees.

After securing millions for their liberal diversity initiatives, students seemed shocked when the administration refused to give in to their other demand for a tuition freeze. Members of the Student Senate complained that the Administration would not listen to students who want lower tuition rates. However, one Student Senate member made the obvious connection. Jacob Ellenhorn said, “The school raises tuition every year because they can't afford things, so I don't know how they're going to afford to take in refugees. USC has one of the highest tuitions in the country, and when people ask why that is, this is partly the reason.”

Ellenhorn sounds like the only sensible member on this Student Senate. A basic understanding of economics would show these young people that diversity initiatives have to be paid for by someone. As long as they keep asking for more unnecessary liberal bureaucracy, students and their parents will continue to pay more and more. Colleges should be focused on their real mission: providing a quality education for their students.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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