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Monday, July 25, 2016

Democrats’ Nasty Tricks

Most states do not allow felons convicted of serious crimes to vote or serve on juries. Obviously, we do not want people who show such clear disregard for our laws to decide who makes laws or how they are carried out. However, Democrats care more about votes than law and justice. The Democratic governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, is a close friend of Hillary Clinton. McAuliffe will automatically be out of work in less than two years because Virginia does not allow a governor to run for reelection. McAuliffe realizes that Hillary needs Virginia to win in November. McAuliffe could then gracefully accept a high-level position in the Clinton Administration after his term ends.

The math is obvious. McAuliffe was elected as governor of Virginia by a margin of only 50,000 votes. There are 200,000 convicted felons in Virginia who have not been allowed to vote. McAuliffe wants to use this dangerous voting bloc to swing the outcome in Virginia to Hillary, which could even push her over the top in the electoral college nationwide. To do this, Governor McAuliffe issued an unprecedented executive order granting the right to vote to 206,000 convicted felons. Some of these felons are murderers and rapists. He took this action without any approval by the Virginia legislature.

Clearly, Democrats have no problem making foolish policy decisions if it will mean more votes for them. This situation shows the pressure that the Democrats are feeling. They do not want to lose the White House in November, and they are willing to resort to nasty tricks to give the Presidency to Hillary.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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