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Monday, July 11, 2016

Gender Differences Are Scientific Facts

Less than a year after the Supreme Court decided that marriage no longer needs partners of the opposite sex, the other two branches of the federal government are moving rapidly to eliminate all rational distinctions based on sex. These new actions reflect the politically correct dogma that there are no fundamental, biological differences between male and female. However, this dogma is completely untrue from scientific standpoint.

President Obama sent a joint letter from the Departments of Justice and Education addressed to the nation’s public schools and colleges that receive federal financial assistance. The letter instructs schools that they must recognize students’ “internal sense of gender” instead of “the sex they were assigned at birth.” The federal letter was prompted by the controversy over North Carolina’s new law prohibiting men from entering women’s restrooms. The demand is not limited to restrooms. It also requires schools to allow students to enter the group shower and locker room that accords with the student’s “internal sense of gender.” The demand even requires teachers to address students with the pronoun they prefer.

Not to be outdone, the Republican-controlled Congress had its own chance to turn left on the gender issue. The Armed Services Committees of both Houses approved legislation that would require young women to register for Selective Service. That means Congress wants our daughters and granddaughters to be put on a list to be called up for military combat. National security is not served by this misguided attempt to force young women to register for a military draft. Scientific tests show that women generally do not have the upper-body strength necessary to engage in combat. That puts them and their buddies at risk on the battlefield. Obama’s administration and Congress need to stop yielding to the feminists and start making policy based on facts.

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