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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Illegal Immigration Is A Health Threat

Illegal immigration poses a significant health threat to American citizens. The spread of the Zika virus in South America is a great example of that. However, the Zika virus is not the only devastating disease that is brought into our nation through illegal immigration. The Ebola virus with its 70% fatality rate has killed more than 11,000 people worldwide. It caused a national panic in 2014 when it reached our shores through an African visitor who was not properly screened before he showed up in Dallas. Measles cases are also brought to us mostly by immigrants. Measles outbreaks in detention centers for illegal aliens are commonplace now. Also, a shocking 22% of refugees from Somalia who have been resettled in Minnesota are infected with latent tuberculous. That is more than five times the rate in the general American population. In addition to its harmful effects to health, TB is also very costly to treat. Easier cases cost $17,000 per patient, while the most serious strains cost $430,000 per patient using treatments extending over three years.

Promoters of free trade insist that our economy can absorb these astronomical health care costs, but they drive up health insurance premiums for everyone. Illegal immigrants typically lack their own health insurance. They show up at emergency rooms to demand medical care paid for by the American taxpayers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has officially advised pregnant women to postpone visiting the many Central and South American countries having a Zika epidemic. If it makes sense to tell Americans not to go there, then the Obama Administration should not welcome infected people from those countries to come here. We need to take control of our national borders. Billions of taxpayer dollars are currently spent on disease control that could be more cheaply and more effectively used to halt the flow of illegal aliens over our southern border.

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