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Friday, July 22, 2016

Judicial Supremacy And Montana’s Immigration Law

The judicial supremacists in Montana are at it again. The Montana Supreme Court overruled a common sense law supported by 80 percent of the voters. The law denied state benefits to illegal aliens, including unemployment compensation and university financial aid. The law also required the state to report illegal aliens to federal immigration officials for deportation. However, supremacist judges on the Montana Supreme Court called this common sense and popular law “unconstitutional” because it denies benefits to illegals. The law was taken to court by liberal immigrant advocacy groups.

The lawyer who argued against the law called it “a discriminatory attempt to drive immigrants out of the state.” However, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox argued that the law is necessary because of the federal government’s failure to properly and lawfully regulate immigration. Trying to force illegal immigrants out of the state is not discrimination. It is simply enforcement of the law. One of the basic duties of our government is to maintain secure borders and remove people who are not supposed to be here. Unfortunately, the Montana Supreme Court twisted the Montana constitution to fit a liberal agenda. That is the fundamental problem with judicial supremacy. It removes power from the people and hands it over to a handful of judges. Most of these lawyers are not voted into office by the people in the first place. This is not the way American government is supposed to work. Our constitution sets a foundation for government to receive its power from the bottom up, starting with the people. As long as judicial supremacy has a hold on American courts, common sense laws are at risk of falling to the whim of unelected liberal judges.

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