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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oklahoma Votes To End Abortion

The Oklahoma legislature took a bold step in the fight against abortion. Republican Senator Nathan Dahm introduced a bill that would effectively end abortion in Oklahoma altogether. The measure would stop any abortionist from renewing his medical license in the state. The doctor could also be charged with a felony and sentenced to three years in prison. No state legislature has ever passed a bill that would take such a strong stand against abortion. However, the measure passed on an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 33 to 12. The measure passed in the House by a vote of 59 in favor and only 9 opposed. Clearly, these legislators understand that the people of Oklahoma do not want abortion in their state. Unfortunately, Governor Mary Fallin ignored the will of her constituents and vetoed the bill.

Abortion activists from outside the state have threatened to horn in on the situation if the measure was signed by Fallin. The New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights is one of these groups. They threatened to file a lawsuit against the state with the weight of their massive organization behind it. Big-money abortion activists should not be trying to overrule the will of the people of Oklahoma. These New Yorkers are not looking out for the interests of women. They just want to force their own liberal agenda on people who do not agree with them. Representative David Brumbaugh, who co-sponsored the bill in the House. He said “It’s not about policy. It’s not about politics. It’s about principle.” Representative Brumbaugh and Senator Dahm hope their bill will set an example for other states. Oklahoma is just one of the many states where most people recognize that abortion is a grave moral wrong.

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