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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Religious Freedom Attacked In Texas

A battle over religious freedom has finally ended for a small town in Texas. The city of Port Neches was sued last fall for having a nine-foot tall cement cross in a public park. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation initiated a lawsuit to remove it after claiming to receive an anonymous complaint from one of the 13,000 residents of Port Neches. The city chose to sell the 400-square foot plot of land that the cross stands on to render the suit void. The land was sold to a local church for 100 dollars.

Although it is good that this public monument was allowed to stay standing, it is also sad that the town was intimidated by a power-hungry liberal group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Liberal groups want to remove religious symbols everywhere, even those that have been a part of communities for generations. The 29-foot tall Mount Soledad cross narrowly escaped destruction at the hands of the ACLU last year . That cross was a fixture of the city of San Diego, CA since it was built in 1954. Liberals pursued a lawsuit against it for over 25 years before a group of supporters bought the cross and the land that it sits on.

Liberal groups chase after public crosses because they will not rest until every display of religion is erased from public life. Our Constitution gives us freedom of religion. The organization’s name reflects their goal is to bend the Constitution to invent a right that does not exist. Americans should not fall for this trick. Christians have every right to live out their faith in every area of their lives, public or private. Anyone can read the Constitution and clearly see that there is no guarantee to freedom from religion.

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