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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Say No To Drafting Women For Combat

The Armed Services Committees of both the House and Senate have approved legislation that would require young women to register for Selective Service. which puts them on a list to be drafted for military combat. Of course, any woman can seek to enlist in our all-volunteer military. However, men are six times more likely than women to volunteer. It makes no sense to force all young women to register for a future draft when only a small percentage of them would ever enlist. Our national defense is not enhanced by maintaining a list of millions of women who would not even be fit for combat.

The purpose of our military is to field the finest troops possible to defend our Nation and win wars. The goal of feminists is to impose a mindless gender equality regardless of how many people it hurts. It is a scientific fact that women lack the upper-body strength that men have. Soldiers need to carry battlefield gear weighing up to 120 pounds. That is impossible for most women. Soldiers must also move quickly while carrying these heavy loads. This action creates stress for their knees and other joints. Medical studies show that women athletes have four to six times more knee injuries than men.

An injury on the battlefield does not just endanger the soldier who is hurt. This puts other soldiers around her at risk. Studies show that men tend to spend too much time helping an injured female soldier. Last year the Marine Corps did a study that compared the effectiveness of all-male troops to co-ed troops. The all-male units had much lower injury rates and higher overall performance than mixed-gender units. Our military should use the most effective means to defeat our enemies with minimal risk to American lives. Having women in combat is counterproductive to this mission.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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