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Monday, July 18, 2016

Third-Party Candidate Issue

Every four years there is political chatter about trying to run a third-party candidate who will supposedly be more conservative than the Republican nominee. The lesson is the same every time this is tried: third-party candidates do not win because the United States is a two-party country. Third-party candidates simply have no chance because of the way our election system is set up. This election cycle is no exception.

The grumblings we hear about Donald Trump are mostly because of his strong stand against illegal immigration. Party bosses know that President Trump will shut down illegal immigration and crooked free trade. This would cost the Democratic Party millions of votes. It would also cost Republican businessmen lucrative deals for themselves with foreign investors. Many church leaders who usually lean Republican ignore how current immigration heavily favors Democrats. They oppose Trump’s plan to build a wall and deport illegal aliens. Church leaders assume more immigration will put more people in their pews. Many churches support immigration because of their mission to bring the faith to people of all nations. Trump’s nationalistic slogan of “Make America Great Again” is not likely to be heard from a church pulpit.

However, church leaders should recognize that responsibility is just as important as charity. No church would urge people to unlock their doors at night in order to allow anyone in. Likewise, we should not persist with open borders to welcome illegal aliens who include many hardened criminals. Donald Trump was right to make immigration a major issue of this election. There will not be a third-party candidate who is as good as Trump on immigration. There will be only two viable candidates to choose from this fall, and only one of them will safeguard our country against the dangers of illegal immigration.

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