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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why Evangelicals Should Support Trump

Many rank-and-file churchgoers overwhelmingly support Trump’s views against current levels of immigration and trade. Evangelical voters preferred Trump over his rivals in the Republican primaries, and they will surely vote heavily in favor of Trump rather than Hillary in the fall election. However, some church leaders still persist in supporting permissive immigration and opposing Trump. They are more likely to agree with Obama on immigration than with Donald Trump and their own congregations.

Two years ago, officials from several Christian denominations met with President Obama in the Oval Office and gushed their support of his so-called “immigration reform.” Obama’s phony “reform” means legislation that would grant citizenship to illegal aliens, and do nothing to stem the flood of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. Sadly, the immigration issue is preventing some church leaders from siding with Donald Trump. Prior Republican nominee Mitt Romney stridently criticized Donald Trump earlier this year. In fact, Romney still refuses to endorse him. This should not be a surprise, because Romney had harshly criticized Trump’s statements about immigration during the campaign.

Churchgoing voters showed their true feelings on this issue by nominating Donald Trump in the Republican primaries. Now is the time for church leaders to listen to their own flock on the important political issue of immigration. The immigration issue has become an elephant in the room that will be impossible to overlook in November. Church leaders should recognize that loving our neighbor does not mean unlocking our doors to any and all comers. When an unwelcome “neighbor” comes into our home, we “deport” him out of our house. The same principle should be used for our national borders. Trump’s leadership on the immigration issue has earned him the support of millions of Democrats and Republicans. Voters realize that Trump’s immigration policy is the best way to protect Americans.

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