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Friday, August 26, 2016

Collegians Summit Learns About the Legislative Process

This June, Eagle Forum hosted our annual Collegians Summit, where college students come from across the country to learn how to become the future leaders of the conservative movement. They also learn some of the processes of government and how conservative leaders have outmaneuvered the liberals in Washington. Representative Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma spoke about how he and several other conservatives in the House fought to defund one of President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders that violated religious freedom. He told how the Democrats repeatedly tried to force Republicans to fund the President’s unconstitutional order through poison pill legislation. When the GOP establishment refused to stop the liberals, Rep. Bridenstine and other conservatives had to find another way to protect religious liberty. They chose to kill the bills the Democrats tainted rather than to allow the liberals in both parties to get away with their shenanigans.

Later, Senator James Lankford, also of Oklahoma, talked about how the Senate forces debate to “slow down” the process. He explained how the rules sometimes work against good bills. As an example, he mentioned the Keystone XL pipeline bill, which was shut down by the Democrat minority in the Senate — the same who called such maneuvering “obstruction” when they were the majority. Senator Lankford also mentioned some of the benefits of the Senate’s rules. He discussed how the Senate’s requirement for three-fifths majorities protects the minority party from being bulldozed by a simple majority. He also warned of the dangers of omnibus bills and how they flim-flam taxpayers before they can even know what an omnibus bill says. After Eagle Forum Collegians Summit, our young conservatives left with a better understanding of how Congress works.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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