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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Collegians Summit Talks Religious Freedom

Each year, conservative college students gather at Washington, D.C. for Eagle Forum’s Collegians Leadership Summit. Students hear speakers from conservative political organizations, news outlets, and office-holders on all the most important issues of the day. One of the biggest topics this summer was religious freedom. Representative Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania explained how religion is absolutely a crucial part of politics – no matter what the left may say! He told the story of how Pope John Paul II’s faith helped him lead the Polish against the Nazis and the communists. He also explained how faith inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to get involved in politics.

Freshman Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma gave a very personal talk about his Christian worldview. He told our students that he challenges “people who say you can’t have a Christian worldview and be in a secular elected position.” He encourages Christians to refuse to change or hide their beliefs. He warned that the courts will not protect religious activities if they don’t see them as ordinary religious practices. Christians must use their religious freedom if they intend to keep it!

Representative Steve King of Iowa spoke about how the left constantly demands that religion take a backseat to people’s “feelings.” According to liberal thinking, emotions cannot be wrong — unless, of course, they are religious convictions. He said that are in a full-on “assault on truth. There is no truth anymore.” Congressman King described that liberals believe the basis of rights is human emotion, making any sort of religious liberty an obstacle to all their goals.

The college students who came to the 2016 Summit left with a greater knowledge of the history of religious liberty and the motivation to act out their faith in politics.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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